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Grandma's Secret Garden 7.0 - 4 Plant LED Grow Box

by Dealzer
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Grandma's Secret Garden 7.0 - 4 Plant LED Grow Box

The Grandma's Secret Garden is an beginner-friendly, automated 4 plant grow box that can grow plants automatically from seed to harvest in 2-3 months.

Grows 3-4 pounds of dried plant matter per 2-3 month growing cycle.

The Grandma's Secret Garden pays for itself and turns a profit!

Dimensions: 36" Tall x 24" Wide x 16.5" Deep Weight: 65 pounds.

Grandma's Secret Garden 

  • What's included?

    • Handmade in the USA grow box frame.
    • Mars T600 LED grow light.
    • Timer.
    • 120 mm intake and outtake fans with built-in carbon filters.
    • Air pump.
    • Airstone.
    • Vinyl air tubes.
    • Water pump.
    • Reservoir.
    • 4 net cups.
    • 4 starter plugs.
    • Clay pebbles.
    • Advanced Nutrients trio (auto PHs plants).
    • Odor jar.
    • Instructions.
    • Unlimited phone and email tech support 7 days a week.
    • Free shipping.
    • Lifetime warranty on everything except for the lights which have a 1-year warranty.

Available Upgrades

  • CO2 Enhancer - Grow up to 20% faster with the CO2 enhancer.
  • 6 Plant Clone Box - The 2-foot Cash Crop cloner is perfect for cloning plants to a rooted state and then transferring to Growzilla to flower!
  • Herb Dryer - Dry your herbs in a hanging herb dryer or a Magic Herb Dryer (grow box that dries).
  • Hydroponics Training Guide - Learn everything you need to get started in a simple understanding hydroponics guide!

    Why A Grandma's Secret Garden?

    1. This newest 7.0 model is by far our best one yet. The main difference between this & our very popular 6.0 model is that we upgraded the light to a Quantum board LED lighting system. Quantum board LEDs are the hottest thing in the hydro market right now.
      1. The Grandma's Secret Garden grows 1-3 pounds of usable dried plant matter per cycle. (This only measures the dried harvest part of the plant.)

    2. The grow box successfully grows healthy, happy plants 20% faster than traditional gardening.
    3. The grow box is even simpler to use than ever before, which means it's great for beginners or advanced growers alike. We also offer free tech support via phone/email plus simple written instructions.
    4. Growing your own will save you thousands of dollars a year.
    5. The Grandma's Secret Garden mostly grows the plants almost seemingly automatically from seed to harvest. All it takes is setting it up and switching the water and nutrients every 1-2 weeks.


    Does the Grandma's Secret Garden grow from start to finish? Can I put seeds in there?

    Yes. You can start with seeds & grow them to full harvest.

    I am looking for a totally stealth grow box and wish to grow my plants privately. Can you guarantee this?

    Yes. The GSG is a stealth growing system. This means that you won't notice much any difference in your electricity bill, you won't have any light leakage or scent leakage issues, and you will have the ability to lock your GSG for added security.

    The box has 2 systems to cut odor down by 100%. 1. The fans on the back of the box have carbon filters attached to them to capture all scent molecules. Carbon filter technology is very effective & used in Military gas masks. 2. The Ona Block included with your grow box has a variety of flavors that are about 100x strong than the average lemony scent in bathroom products. The smell is so potent, it completely fills the room with different aromas such as lemon, apple crumble, mint, ect.... The flavor depends on what we have in stock. We recommend that a small hole be punctured on the top of the Ona Block to allow the scent to slowly seep out because it is very powerful. Then, when you are to open your box and change the water, unscrew the cap & let the whole room fill up with the powerful lemony scent & then close the jar when you close the door. This way you are 100% protected. The Ona will still make the room smell lemony even with the jar closed because of the puncture at the top of the jar.

    Is there enough room to grown in the Grandma's Secret Garden?

    Yes. You can grow 4 large plants spaciously. Older model grow boxes used many plant slots in a small area which made them over-crowded & difficult to grow in. We put 4 slots so that your plants will have plenty of room because once they get large, they will have to bend downward using plant ties or kitchen ties. You have plenty of room to grow 4 large plants with this setup. Also, scrogging or LST (low stress training) is encouraged inside of the box which allows for the most coverage . This unit is also a great choice for maintaining mother plants year round.

    How do you ship? How long does it take? How will I know when my package has shipped?

    We typically use UPS plain box shipping for our shipments. We are a bit backed up now in manufacturing for this item so the expected delivery time is 1-2 weeks. We also email tracking numbers upon shipment so that you can track your package.

    I am a first time grower and have never grow with hydroponics. What if I get confused?

    The Grandma's Secret Garden comes with easy to follow instructions, unlimited phone and email tech support.

    What about warranty?

    We offer a whopping lifetime warranty on your Grandma's Secret Garden on everything except the Mars light which is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. If you have any issues with anything at all, please contact us and we will replace your parts for free.

    Is the grow box completely assembled upon delivery?

    Yes. The box comes fully assembled.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Carlton Coleman
    False advertising not turn key by any means

    I had really high hopes for this box but am finding it quite challenging to use. The biggest issue I have is air flow. With the door closed and the lights on it will not stay cool. Temps in the box soar to 90 degrees plus. When the lights are off temp is no problem. I called tech support about the temp issue and was advised to BUY an additional fan and point it towards the exhaust fan in the upper left of the box. I'm skeptical about this solution as I think it will only recirculate the warm air in the box. I do have a small desk fan that I can place in there to try and help the exhaust fan. So I will see how that plays out. In my opinion I would have to keep my house at about 60 to 65 degrees for the box to stay cool with the door closed and lights on. So for those of us who have to grow in our living space, that's not practical. Even though I'm using my box in a spare room I can only adjust the temp in that room only so much. The best I can do is about 75 degrees. But that is too warm. You will struggle trying to keep the water/solution under 70 degrees. I still haven’t gotten that figured out yet. I wish I had a basement as I'm sure this would help greatly.
    I strongly advise inspecting the box thoroughly. The folks who assemble these boxes are not carpenters. I had to place extra screws in some places to tighten things up. Plus there are some light leaks. But I was easily able to address that. The latches that keep the box closed are cheap quality. About once a week I have to squeeze the metal loops back together because they keep spreading out. I myself am not a carpenter either but if you are, you can build your own box and buy the individual parts for less than half the price. For $1000 I was expecting better quality. But I figure with the cost of bud north of $300/oz, if I can get about 4 ozs plus I will have made my investment back. They say you can get 2-3 pounds of dried plant material from the box. I find that overly optimistic unless they're counting leaf and stem. I don't see how you're going to get 2-3 pounds of bud. The air pump is kind of noisy as it rattles against the box. I fixed that by attaching foam strips to the back of the air pump and remounting. I would also advise keeping an eye on your roots. Some of the longer roots are getting sucked into the water pump.
    I am limited in the space I have to grow. This box seemed to be a great option for limited space. If I had more space I would have gone with a tent instead. I also recommend germinating your seeds in water. Once the seed case cracks open and the tap root shows then put the seeds in the starter plugs under a light and wait for the seeds to sprout. Then place them in the box. On a positive note they do answer the phone when you call. Which is rare these days. Most times you get voice mail. I am feeling some buyers remorse because this is not quite the "turn key" product they advertise. But if I can get several ozs out of the thing on my first grow, I will feel better about the purchase. Believe me I truly want this thing to work well and be productive. The best thing this box could be used for it cloning.

    Outstanding Service

    I purchased the Grandma 6.0, it was shipped out early and arrived quicker than anticipated. I would recommend Dealzer, excellent experience.

    Grandpas Secret Garden

    Arrived in perfect shape. Plug and play. Looking forward to the harvest. Thanks for a great product.

    All deliveries are carbon neutral
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