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TurboKlone 24 Review (2022)

Are you a starting gardener looking for ways to improve your craft? Then this TurboKline 24 review is a great place to start. One of the best ways to enhance your propagation abilities is by using a cloning machine, like the TurboKlone 24 with a humidity dome

A cloning machine like this gives your cuttings the perfect environment to grow roots and be ready for transplanting in less time. With its ambient cooling system and airflow fan, you can take your gardening hobby and transform it into a commercial-grade setup.

Let’s learn more about the TurboKlone's features, pros, cons, and who can benefit from it the most. 

Quick Answer: TurboKlone 24 Review

TurboKlone 24

TurboKlone 24 is an excellent system for individual gardeners looking to propagate plants at home. Its sleek design, built-in cooling system, and optional humidity dome allow even beginner green thumbs to get a near 100% success rate and transplant their new growths in no time. 

With 24 cutting sites and reusable, non-toxic EVA inserts, the TurboKlone 24’s setup is simple yet effective.

After reading the instruction manual and creating the best environment possible, anyone can utilize this cloning machine alongside their other gardening techniques. 

The TurboKlone 24 in Full Review

The TurboKlone 24 derives its name from the 24 cutting sites it contains for propagation. Below are more details about this machine and how it works. 


As an aeroponics system, the TurboKlone 24 utilizes a blend of misting and cooling to produce an ideal environment for cuttings to grow. This device has a 3600 RPM cooling fan to allow greater air circulation in the basin, keeping the water cool.

The reservoir holds two gallons of water that gets gradually transformed into a fine mist that roots can easily absorb.

Also, the TurboKlone 24 comes with its own humidity dome to lock in even more moisture if you’re trying to grow your cuttings in a more arid environment.

And, with dimensions of only 18 inches x 14 inches x 17 inches, you can set up this cloning machine just about anywhere with outlets. 

TurboKlone 24 Diagram


TurboKlone 24’s features provide it with some nice advantages, including: 

  • Durable fan combats heat well
  • Humidity dome is removable, so only use it when you need it
  • The reservoir's rounded edges make it easy to clean
  • It can maintain a 100% success rate when used properly
  • Includes reusable, non-toxic EVA foam inserts

This easy-to-set-up cloning machine is great for anyone wanting to try out aeroponics for the first time. 


While the design and durability of the TurboKlone 24 are impressive, it does have a few minor drawbacks: 

  • Limited to 24 cuttings at a time
  • Nozzle spray heads need to be cleaned on occasion

Even with these things in mind, the TurboKlone 24 is still an excellent investment for a beginning cloner. 

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Growers Who Would Benefit the Most from the TurboKlone 24

The TurboKlone 24 is a perfect setup for someone just starting out in the cutting and cloning aspect of home gardening. If you’ve tried other methods in the past with limited success, you’ll be amazed at this cloning machine’s ability to give you a 100% success rate. 

The TurboKlone 24 is also great for gardeners who live in dry climates who struggle with keeping their cuttings moist as they propagate. The cloning machine's humidity dome creates the perfect environment for cuttings, regardless of what’s happening weather-wise on the outside.

Even in high temperatures, the cooling fan keeps the atmosphere and reservoir water ideal for growth. 

TurboKlone Tips

The TurboKlone 24 will work best when you have a clear understanding of setting it up and giving your cuttings the optimal atmosphere for growing. Here are some tips on the most critical aspects of using the TurboKlone 24. 

Cutting Size

In most cases, you’ll want cuttings somewhere between 6 and 8 inches in length. This measurement gives the cutting enough nutrients to thrive and enough space for roots to grow.

When you place each cutting into its site, you want to leave about 2 inches of it exposed on top. When the conditions are right, most cuttings will be ready once they’ve got roots about 2 inches long.


As any gardener knows, plants need air, water, and light to grow. For indoor growth, the most valuable lights are 40-watt fluorescent bulbs.

You should hang the fluorescent lights about 18 to 24 inches above the machine, keeping the humidity dome’s height in mind if you plan to use it.

Your plants will grow best if they receive at least 18 hours of light per day, and you can leave the lights on for 24 hours if you choose. 

Reservoir Temperature Level

The recommended temperature range for your reservoir water is 65℉ to 75℉, with 70℉ being the ideal goal. If you notice your water temp outside this range, you’ll want to adjust the air fan or consider moving the unit to a cooler area.

Water Type

What’s convenient about cloning machines is all you usually need is standard tap or well water in the reservoir. Plants grow better when they have water with a pH level between 5.8 and 6.2, so you can do a quick pH test if you notice any issues. 


Because of its curved edges, the TurboKlone reservoir is very easy to clean. You should place a solution of 30 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide into the reservoir and leave it to run for about 24 hours, without any cuttings in it.

After draining this solution, you should refill the basin with water only and run another 8 to 12 hours. 

Final Thoughts

TurboKlone 24 Accessories

When it comes to cloning machines for beginners, nothing is easier to use with more reliable results than the TurboKlone 24.

In as little as two weeks, your cuttings could be ready for transplantation, and other than keeping an eye on water levels, all you had to do was place them into their cutting sites. 

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