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Top Reasons to Purchase a Portable Power Generator

Portable power generators are incredibly useful and versatile systems with a wide variety of applications inside and outside of the home. These popular items require no installation, minimal setup, and are relatively easy to store, transport and utilize on demand.

While you might not need one every single day, there are a number of scenarios in which you'll wish you had invested in an affordable unit weeks earlier. Let's take a look at some of the most critical moments and scenarios in which to own and leverage the benefits of a portable power generator.

1. As An Emergency Power Supply

First and foremost, power generators serve as a security blanket that you hope will never be needed! Various natural disasters can temporarily knock out or cause intermittent power failures, leaving you helpless, stranded and without essential functions and resources.

flooding after heavy rains

Snow and ice storms, high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and fires -- these are all too common, and few areas of the country are free from all such weather-related risks. With the unpredictability of these natural disasters and occurrences, being as prepared as possible is the smartest and surest bet.

Portable power generators are typically not powerful enough to support entire households; however, they can keep your family communication lines open, your food well kept, and some essential home appliances from going offline completely. Generators can be used to power essential home appliances, like a refrigerator, freezer, microwave or space heater. They can also be used literally keep the lights on, helping your household avoid complete darkness. And when communication with family and local news is important, phone chargers, radios, and televisions can be powered and used at will to gather critical information.

In an emergency situation, these are critical considerations to help you and your family stay safe and connected.

2. Working In the Garden or Outside

When working outside, in the garden, on the ranch or at the lake, it's not always feasible or preferable to run long extension cords across your yard or driveway. Powering electric tools can thus be a difficult but necessary challenge to overcome. With a portable power generator, powering such tools is simple and easy no matter where your work takes you!

power generator powering saw

Electric drills and saws, air compressors, and power washers -- when needed away from an electric outlet, each of these can be seamlessly powered with a portable generator. This will expand where and how you can work. No longer will you be forced to build something, load it onto a truck, then transport it across town. Building on site, wherever that may be, is once again a real possibility.

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3. Camping & Tailgating

While camping is often about unplugging and connecting with nature, who's to say that you can't enjoy some modern conveniences at the same time? While many campgrounds provide electrical access, many undeveloped campgrounds and sites leave you a bit further 'off the grid', yet desiring more.

outdoor camping lights

The following activities, even if you choose to ignore them, are all at your fingertips with the use of a portable power generator:

  • A Portable Charging Station: Charging up your phones, tablets or other cordless electronic devices is no longer a mad scramble.
  • Office Work Outside: With a generator, you can literally setup your home office laptop and/or monitor anywhere. Imagine a lakeside or mountain view instead of your office wall...
  • Movie Night on the Big Screen: A long day of hiking can be rewarded with a family movie or sporting event.
  • Campsite Lighting: If the fire and lanterns aren't providing exactly what you need, go big with some outdoor party lights!
  • RV Power: If staying in an RV, a generator can provide temperature control and entertainment possibilities.
  • Outdoor Tailgating: Pre-party for the game, or simply watch the game wherever you are! A portable power generator can power your TV, lights, cooking appliances and more.


Portable power supplies are extremely versatile and useful tools with numerous benefits. Many come equipped with a handle and large wheels, making transport simple.

Whether you have specific work or travel plans in mind, or simply want to have a generator for emergency situations, now is a great time to buy.