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SolarSystem vs SolarXtreme: What is the Difference?

The SolarSystem and SolarXtreme are two very popular LED grow light series from our partners at California LightWorks. Both lines feature high-efficiency LED lights and are well-loved by home and commercial growers.

Having said that, there are key differences. If you need guidance determining which is better for your specific grow needs, we can help you out.

In summary, the SolarXtreme is specifically tailored for personal use, whereas the SolarSystem series is designed to thrive in commercial applications.

  • SolarXtreme: Simple operation, more cost friendly
  • SolarSystem: Digital Spectrum Contol, high power LED diodes

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  SolarSystem SolarXtreme
Spectrum Control Yes, with SolarSystem Controller (not included) No, comes with one fixed full spectrum. Not compatible with SolarSystem Controller.
LEDs  Osram

Proprietary CLW COB (chip on board)

Warranty  5 Years 3 Years
Voltage  90-277v automatic recognition 110/120v or 220/240v fixed versions available
Applications  Commercial, indoor, greenhouse, personal / grow tent Personal / grow tent
PAR readings  SolarSystem 550 SolarXtreme 500
PPFD at 12"  2813  1684
PPFD at 24"   814  496
PPFD at 36"  398 217
UL Listed  Yes Yes

3 channel adjustable spectrum

Full spectrum

Cooling  Active Active