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RIGA Greenhouse Review

There are standard greenhouses that look solid and perform admirably, and then there's the RIGA Greenhouse by Hoklartherm. This European style greenhouse is unlike others, providing true year-round protection to grow in almost any environment.

There are standard greenhouses that look solid and perform admirably, and then there's the RIGA Greenhouse by Hoklartherm. This European style greenhouse is unlike others, providing true year-round protection to grow in almost any environment.

In our review, we will take a look at the key features and benefits, as well as the optional accessories and various options that will help you determine which RIGA is right for you and your situation.


Here is a high level summary of the Pros and Cons of the RIGA, for those with limited time.

RIGA Greenhouse Review Summary

RIGA Greenhouse Review

We've taken the time to explore the features and benefits of the RIGA Greenhouse. Read on for a detailed review.

High Quality Materials

The RIGA, which is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany, gains its strength and durability from the high quality materials it starts with. 

  • 8 mm UV-coated twin wall polycarbonate over entirety of main body provides superior insulation: R or K-value 3.0
    • Note: The XL models come with a 16 mm UV coated triple wall polycarbonate over main body
  • 10 mm translucent twin wall polycarbonate in front & back walls provide extra rigidity and strength to structure
  • All polycarbonate panels backed by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Quality of panels is superior compared to more common Polygal or GE glazing
  • Rust-resistant aluminum frame requires zero maintenance
  • Permanently attached frame profiles eliminate possibility of loosening joints over time due to wind

Add in a premium German design, and the RIGA can stand up to just about any environment and weather conditions. This solid greenhouse has an outstanding high wind and snow load resistance.

Key Features

In addition to being constructed with quality materials, the RIGA Greenhouse series also comes standard with some nice features to enhance your growing experience:

  • Heavy-duty Dutch door with keyed lock
  • Improved ventilation with a large rear window: 30" W x 42" H with adjustment arm
  • 1-4 roof windows (depending on size) with automatic openers that open/close as temperature fluctuates
  • High peak provides adequate walking and working room: 6’1” near  shelves, 6’11” (for s models) of 7'6" (for standard models) in the middle


The assembly of the RIGA is no trivial task, but it's not outside the realm of a weekend DIY project. For starters, assembly is much more straightforward with two or more people involved. This reduces the need for balancing acts, while also adding an extra set of eyes on the assembly plan.

As with any greenhouse, the sub-surface should be well prepared and level prior to beginning the assembly. Opting for the foundation frame makes assembly much easier, while also providing a solid foundation on which to place the structure.

The polycarbonate panels arrive with a nice protective film, which can be kept on during assembly and installation. This helps reduce the risk of scratching or damaging a panel before its operational.

While written instructions are provided, a nice walkthrough video also steps through the different phases of assembly. This is hugely helpful, especially for those that prefer to learn visually. This is an excellent reference should you find yourself stuck or needing clarification on the instructions.


In all, there are relatively few complaints about the effort required to assemble the RIGA greenhouse; however, some people without adequate support or ability have struggled. While it does add costs to your project, opting for a professional installation team in your area is always an option.

And for some, it's the best option.

Greenhouse Options

The RIGA is a relatively simple greenhouse in that, there are not many options outside of size. You cannot select the color, as all come with the clean silver, aluminum frame finish.

There are a variety of sizes though, both in width and length, allowing potential buyers to find the perfect size for their specific outdoor space.

RIGA sizes and models

S-Series greenhouses are all 7'8" wide, the narrowest of the RIGA options. The S-Series comes in 7', 10'6" and 14' lengths, making it a perfect selection for beginner gardeners or those with limited space.

The standard series, of which there are three sizes, is significantly wider at 9'8" from side to side. This model comes in three sizes as well, with lengths of 10'6", 14', and 17'6".

The XL series, which also offers increased insulation and stability, is the largest series made by Hoklartherm. With a standard width of 14', buyers can select from lengths of 16'5", 19'10", 23', 26'3" and 29'6". This provides up to 413 sq ft of growing space! While this is often considered a commercial greenhouse structure, many serious growers opt for the additional space this series offers.

Note that the number of roof vents varies with the overall length of the structure.

ModelDimensionsRoof Vents
Riga 2S7'8" W x 7' L x 7'1" H, 54 sq ft1
Riga 3S7'8" W x 10'6" L x 7'1" H, 81 sq ft1
Riga 4S7'8" W x 14' L x 7'1" H, 108 sq ft2
Riga 39'8" W x 10'6" L x 7'7" H, 102 sq ft1
Riga 49'8" W x 14' L x 7'7" H, 135 sq ft2
Riga 59'8" W x 17'6" L x 7'7" H, 165 sq ft4
Riga XL 514' W x 16'5" L x 9'10" H, 231 sq ft4
Riga XL 614' W x 19'10" L x 9'10" H, 283 sq ft4
Riga XL 714' W x 23' L x 9'10" H, 322 sq ft4
Riga XL 814' W x 26'3" L x 9'10" H, 368 sq ft6
Riga XL 914' W x 29'6" L x 9'10" H, 413 sq ft6

Available Accessories

Hoklartherm offers basic accessories that are specifically designed to be compatible with all RIGA greenhouses.

Foundation Frame

base foundation frame for RIGA

The foundation frame, which is highly recommended for installs, is a vital component in helping secure and stabilize the greenhouse structure. When not anchored to a concrete or wooden surface, the foundation frame is buried in a trench to properly anchor the structure.

As an added bonus, the foundation frame also provides additional height to the structure, leading to more growing room and more comfortable heights for taller individuals.

Made of anodized aluminum, the foundation frame requires only basic tools for assembly. This item is highly recommended for those seeking the maximum protection for this greenhouse. 

Top Shelf 

The RIGA top shelf, though simple in nature, is designed to fit seamlessly in the RIGA. At 14" deep, the shelving spans the entire length of the greenhouse. Additionally, the shelf is designed to hang forward from the curved roof design, allowing adequate sunlight to reach the bottom shelf.

The shelving is sturdy, but also has polycarbonate inserts to reduce light blockage.

Riga shelves with plants on top

Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf is significantly deeper, providing 25" of space, while also spanning the length of the greenhouse. The design also allows for significant storage underneath the shelving.

Other accessorieslike drip irrigation kits, heaters, or floor based shelving—are not specifically designed for this unit, but would also be great additions to this greenhouse.

Greenhouse Value

RIGA greenhouses are not purchased because they are the most affordable option on the market. Customers select the RIGA because they need a greenhouse capable of surviving through and growing in extreme weather conditions.

S-Series greenhouses can be delivered to your door for under $4,000, while the XL series can run up to $18,500. While not the cheapest, RIGAs are designed to flourish and survive for years to come.


The RIGA performs like few other greenhouses can, providing true year-round growing opportunities in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. If you want the best, you must be willing to pay a premium.

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