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Palram Hybrid Greenhouse Review

The Hybrid Greenhouse from Canopia by Palram is a popular greenhouse kit due to its excellent value, versatility and quality.

The Hybrid Greenhouse from Canopia by Palram is a popular greenhouse kit due to its excellent value, versatility and quality. In our review, we will look at the key features, options, benefits, and various options that will help you determine if this greenhouse is right for you.


For those looking for a quick summary of the pros and cons of this greenhouse, here are the top things to consider:

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse Review

Quality Materials

The quality of the Nature Hybrid starts with the materials used for this greenhouse kit:

  • 4 mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels are extremely durable and nearly impossible to break. Panels block up to 99.9% of UV rays, diffusing the sunlight to protect your plants and disperse light evenly.
  • Clear polycarbonate side panels transmit 90% of light, providing a clean look inside your greenhouse.
  • Rust-resistant aluminum frame provides a stable frame that is durable and requires zero maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel base provides excellent foundation on which to build.

With the materials used, this greenhouse is designed to withstands winds of up to 56 mph (when the anchor kit is used), and supports snow loads of up to 15.4 lbs. per sq. ft.

Key Features

This affordable greenhouse also includes many features which typically cost extra with other comparable kits:

  • Adjustable roof vent to effectively control the temperature, ventilation and humidity in your greenhouse as the weather and seasons change.
  • Integrated rain gutters to capture rain water that can be collected and stored for a sustainable and eco-friendly irrigation system.
  • Lockable hinged door with magnetic catch.


The Canopia greenhouse kit is best assembled by a team of 2 or more people, though it's certainly possible for the experienced handyman to tackle the project alone. Depending on the skill of the worker and size of the greenhouse, assembly takes approximately 4-8 hours. Some customers have reported longer install times of up to 12 hours.

Before assembling, it is critical that the site be properly prepared to avoid assembly difficulties and future issues. The designated site should be clear and level. There are a variety of options for selecting a base on which to build your greenhouse. Concrete, pressure-treated wood, and paver blocks are all suitable and sturdy options. Alternatively, you can place the greenhouse frame directly on firm soil or grass, assuming the surface is level and not prone to flooding.

Hybrid Greenhouse assembly instructions

The instructions provided by Palram do not include words, but instead rely on precise drawings and images to convey the steps. Many gardeners and visual people find this extremely helpful. Additionally, there's an assembly video to provide more context for the install.

The sliding assembly system reduces the need for power tools and makes life easier for the DIY gardener looking to save money on assembly.

Greenhouse Options

Nature Hybrid Greenhouse in green

This greenhouse is available in a variety of colors and sizes, all 6' in width. Due to the popularity of some combinations, there can be availability issues, particularly with the smaller sizes.

  • The lengths that are currently available are: 4', 6', 8', 10', & 14'
  • The colors that are currently available are: green, gray, and silver

On each model, the door is on the width dimension of the greenhouse.

Available Accessories

As with all Palram greenhouses, there are a significant number of accessories that are in play with the Hybrid Greenhouse, depending on your specific needs and budget.

The following accessories are most popular and are compatible with most Nature series greenhouses:

  • Shelving: If you prefer floating shelves that are integrated with the design, Palram offers two different models: a Heavy Duty Shelf Kit (aluminum), and a more affordable Twin Shelf Kit (PVC plastic). Both save floor space and maximize the growing space in the greenhouse.
  • Plant Hangers: This hanger kit can be used to secure a shade system, string up vegetables, hang irrigation tubing, or simply hold your hanging planters and baskets. These are connected to the roof of the greenhouse.
  • Automatic Vent Opener: The greenhouse comes standard with a roof vent, but some people prefer the convenience of an automatic opener that opens/closes as the greenhouse needs. Requires no electricity.
  • Side Louver Window: A Side Louver Window is compatible with this model, allowing growers to increase the air circulation inside and help better control the temperature. Comes with an optional automatic opener to reduce manual intervention.
  • Anchor Kit: Increase the overall stability, wind resistance, and snow load of the structure with a cable-based anchoring kit.

Heavy Duty Shelf for Nature Greenhouse

Any drip irrigation kit, heater, or floor based shelving will also be great additions to this greenhouse.

Greenhouse Value

The Hybrid Greenhouse is a popular option for small-scale gardening due to its affordability. Beginners can enjoy many of the features of larger, more expensive greenhouses  but at a fraction of the cost.

All models, excluding the 14' option, are under $1,000 delivered to your porch. Comparable size options for different greenhouse models can cost in excess of $2,500. Considering that many customers choose to assemble the unit themselves (thus saving $100s), this greenhouse model fits into just about any reasonable greenhouse budget.

This leaves room for customers to pick and choose which accessories would benefit them most.


The Hybrid Greenhouse is a strong, durable, and affordable greenhouse that is wildly popular among gardeners of any skill level. The base model offers tons of features and options, and all for under $1,000.

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