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How to Choose an Outdoor Garden Fountain

If you are looking for that one special piece to transform your outdoor space from meh to amazing, garden fountains are often an excellent fit!

If you are looking for that one special piece to transform your outdoor space from meh to amazing, garden fountains are often an excellent fit! In addition to enhancing the beauty and aesthetics of your space, fountains can create a warm, soothing and calm space for your relaxation and enjoyment. 

Natures Children Fountain

What is a Garden Fountain?

A garden fountain is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. These features, which continually reuse and pump water through the system, can add soothing sounds and serenity to your garden, patio or deck.

Garden fountains can be made of a number of materials and come in many styles. Whether you want a simple wall mounted fountain or one that's free standing, there are many options from which to choose. Most also require an electrical outlet to power the pump.

But before deciding which design or style you should pick, there are a few things that must be considered to choose the right fountain for your garden.


The size of your garden. If you only have a small space open in your garden, then it would be best to not buy a large fountain. You should select one that is smaller than the available space to prevent making the garden look crowded or smaller than it actually is.

Selecting a wall fountain is a creative way to maximize the available space.


The weather conditions in your area. You should know that there are some types of fountains that can become damaged when exposed to extreme weather conditions, like heavy rains, prolonged freezing temperatures, or strong direct sunlight. So, before buying a fountain, it would be best if you check whether the fountains that you prefer can withstand the possible weather conditions in your area.


The design of the fountain. When choosing a garden fountain, the fountain design and style should complement the design of your house or outdoor space. It is important that the landscaping, plants, and features mesh well together to create a cohesive and beautiful space.


Budget is a very important consideration when selecting a garden fountain. Since there are numerous types of fountains available, that also means that the price points can vary significantly depending on the size, material, and shipping location. Allot a budget before shopping for your dream fountain.

Types of Fountains

There are many different varieties of fountains available, but here are some of the most popular types on the market today.

Wall Fountains

    A wall fountain allows you to make the most of your outdoor space. This type of outdoor garden fountain can be customized to fit any size. Customize your wall fountain by choosing from stone, copper, stainless steel or slate finishes. You can also choose from a variety of textures such as smooth, ribbed or hammered metal finishes.

    Teton Falls Water Fountain

    Fountains with Pools

    Add an extra element of relaxation and beauty to your garden with an outdoor water feature that includes a pool! A fountain with pool is perfect for placing in front of an entryway or window so visitors can enjoy its beauty as they enter or leave their home.

    Choose between natural stone, ceramic tile or concrete pool fountains made from high quality materials designed to withstand the elements year after year without fading or cracking over time. The natural stone option comes in sandstone and limestone while ceramic tile fountains are available in many different colors like blues greens

    columnar fountain with bubbles

    Contemporary Fountains

      If your home has modern décor, then you may want to consider choosing a contemporary fountain for your yard or garden. These fountains are stylish and sleek, adding visual interest to any outdoor space while still blending in with their surroundings.

      Freestanding Fountains

        These fountains are self-contained and free standing, so they can be placed just about anywhere in your yard or garden. Many are made of cast stone and feature multiple tiers for a cascading effect. Some larger models come with integrated lighting and/or electric pumps.

        Concrete Fountains

          Concrete fountains are very affordable, but they do require some DIY setup. These large cement blocks come with basins and decorative pieces that allow you to create your own custom fountain design without any special tools or skills. 

          Water Bowls

          Water bowls provide a unique and contemporary look to outdoor spaces. These modern and stylish water features are designed to provide a clean and consistent look to any space.
          water bowl with planter

          Our Final Thought

          Fountains come in many shapes, sizes, and designs, and can be made from a wide variety of materials. As a result, there is literally a fountain for every home and budget. The first step in choosing the right outdoor fountain for you is to decide exactly what you want the fountain to do; this will help narrow down your choices considerably.

          Do you want it to enhance your garden’s design? Do you want it to provide tranquility and relaxation? Do you want it to attract birds or butterflies? Are you looking simply for something beautiful? Or do you want something that can also serve as an added water feature to your home?

          Once you select the right fountain for your yard or outdoor space, you are guaranteed to love it. So choose a nice one, find a place for it in your garden and start working on creating and maintaining the perfect environment for your garden fountain to thrive!

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