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Gift Ideas For The Gardening Enthusiast

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the gardening enthusiast in your life? Look no further! At SproutRite, we offer a wide variety of products that are sure to please even the most difficult people to shop for on your holiday list.

Whether your friend or family member loves getting their hands dirty in the garden, is always looking at ways to beautify their outdoor space, or just loves spending time outside, we’ve got some excellent gift options for you to consider.

Here are a few product categories that are sure to impress.


Composters are excellent complimentary tools for gardeners at any stage or experience level. These useful and compact tools offer a wide variety of benefits to a garden or flower bed. Fresh, homemade compost has been shown to:

  • Enrich the soil and encourage the retention of moisture
  • Suppress plant diseases and keep pests in check
  • Reduce the need for synthetic or chemical fertilizers
  • Reduce your trash footprint by re-purposing household waste and scraps

While there are numerous composting techniques and systems available, there are two varieties which are most popular for outdoor applications. The primary consideration when deciding which is the right type to buy – will the person I am buying for like worms?

Vermicomposting leverages thousands of reproducing composting worms, which digest and breakdown kitchen and household waste, producing a nutrient-rich supplement for your garden. If the target would love to watch as worms devour, consume, and transform waste into pure solid and liquid gold, this is a great fit and entertaining option.

composter with worms

Traditional composting, or hot composting, relies on microbial activity to efficiently breakdown waste, producing compost within 3 weeks. The Aerobin 400, which is a fill with waste and leave solution, is a very popular and effective option. It also requires zero worms.

Best fit for: The environmentally conscious gardener who is always looking to improve their garden's performance.

Hobby Greenhouses

Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily, this makes greenhouse gardening accessible to those with acres of open land, as well as those with an over-sized patio or deck with minimal outdoor space. It also means there’s a greenhouse to fit just about every budget.

hobby greenhouse

Smaller greenhouse kits, like the Hybrid Greenhouse Series, come in sizes as small as 4’ x 6’. Compare that to a standard single car driveway, which is 9-12 feet wide. On the other end of the size spectrum, those wanting maximum space can buy one as long as 32’ or as wide as 16’. They can fill the greenhouse with as many plants as they could ever want!

But why a greenhouse? What is the advantage of and need for a structure for plants? Greenhouses are excellent for growers who want to extend the growing season beyond what their local environment allows. Snow and cold weather no longer signal the end of growing season. They can also reduce or eliminate harmful pests, while expanding what can be grown in any given region.

Strawberries and ripe tomatoes in the winter – absolutely. Chrysanthemums and geraniums year round – it’s entirely possible. And what about fresh microgreens and delicious herbs – have them all year long!

Best fit for: The gardening lover who is bored by and dreads a fruitless winter.

Power Generators

Power generators are incredibly flexible, versatile and useful tools for the person who seemingly has everything they could ever need. It’s a practical yet luxurious purchase, and one that can literally be a life saver in the most dire circumstances.

man working with generator

Does your companion love working outside, on the boat at the lake, or on property without ample electrical access? A generator provides a lot of value and unlimited portability.

Is camping off the grid with family and friends an activity that he/she frequently enjoys? A generator allows one to take camping experiences to the next level.

Or would they benefit from having a generator on standby should a significant and dangerous power outage suddenly occur? I think just about anyone could!

Power generators serve all of the above purposes, making it a solid and considerate gift for a wide array of people.

Best fit for: The adventurous outdoorsman who rarely slows down or stops working on projects.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardening is a crafty and useful way to maximize the growing potential of your outdoor space. When it’s impossible to scale horizontally due to a lack of ground or fertile space, just grow up!

vertical garden Tower gardens, like the Garden Tower 2, make doing so incredibly easy. This gardening system, which doubles as a composter, allows you to grow more than 50 plants in just 4-square feet of ground space. Better yet, it is portable and contains sections that rotate, making it incredibly versatile for the space it consumes.

This is a fantastic option for those that love gardening, but have difficulty working on their knees or trouble frequently bending over. You can garden from a chair, or even standing up.

Best fit for: Gardeners with physical limitations, and those with minimal outdoor growing space.


For the more adventurous gardener, cloners are an exciting toy that can be used to quickly scale up and replicate their favorite plants. These hydroponic cloners can be used to clone vegetables, fruits, herbs, trees and more!

hobby cloner

It’s a very cost effective way to quickly grow your garden, especially if you want to avoid the cost of nursery trips and plants. It also allows one to find the perfect plant from which to build an army of perfect plants.

Are there ways to clone many plant varieties without an automated cloning system? Yes, but a hydroponic cloner simplifies and speeds up the process.

Best fit for: The gardener who likes to experiment and wants to take things to the next level

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