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Can I Plant Seeds In My Garden Tower?

The Garden Tower 2 is a very popular and versatile growing tower that has been proven to produce incredible results in a wide variety of applications. Often people reach out to us with a very simple and prudent question about starting their tower.

The Garden Tower 2 is a very popular and versatile growing tower that has been proven to produce incredible results in a wide variety of applications. Often people reach out to us with a very simple and prudent question about starting their tower.

Can I plant seeds in my Garden Tower 2?

seedlings in a garden tower on a patio

The simple answer is, of course you can! But as with any gardening topic or piece of advice, the answer is not always the same or completely straightforward. There are a variety of factors that can impact the answer, including: climate, time of year, growing zone, seed type, tower location, etc. The list goes on and on. 

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So let's learn a little more about the different scenarios to help you make the an informed decision for your tower. 

Why Start Seeds Indoors

Starting seeds indoors can unlock a lot of flavor and visual variety in your outdoor garden or patio. There are a multitude of reasons why many people opt for this approach.

Maximizing the Growing Season

Some areas of the country experience wide and broad growing seasons, characterized by near constant temperatures and frequent sunlight. Others — not so much. The reality is, the growing season is finite and narrow, so maximizing this window is absolutely critical for the performance of your plants.

woman planting seeds indoors

For example, in some areas of the country, it is very challenging to grow delicious tomatoes and hot peppers, primarily because these plants are native to warmer climates and require extensive time outdoors. If the soil is too cool, the seeds won't sprout at all.

Starting the seeds indoors is a great hack to make it work! When you do introduce your plants to the great outdoors, they will be a step ahead of young seeds. Your peppers might actually have enough time to ripen before the cold weather returns.

Better Harvests

Other people choose to start seeds inside to reap an earlier and more fruitful harvest! Tomato plants can often use additional time in the optimal conditions to maximize yields. Starting the seeds indoors provides that head start, allowing them to flourish in the peak weeks, instead of trying to squeeze out the last harvest in sub-optimal conditions.

tomatoes on a vine in garden

Most gardeners have experienced the heartbreak of an early frost ruining their nearly ripe garden! That's why many of them opt to start indoors.

Know Your Seeds & Weather

Though there is power in starting seeds indoors, it's important to research the seed variety and confirm that this is possible. Some seeds do not transplant well from indoors to outdoors, and require direct sowing in the garden soil. Always confirm, often on your seed packet, if this is possible.

Additionally, it's important to know your local weather patterns, as the first and last frost dates can be crucial to planning correctly. Use this frost guide to estimate the last frost in your area. Use this as a guide when following planting instructions. 

Transplants Are Great Too!

transplants in Garden Tower 2

Using healthy transplants, when possible, is a great alternative and shortcut to getting great results and harvests from your Garden Tower 2. While some people prefer to watch their plants grow from seed to fruit, others want to maximize their chances for success.

Transplants are often more easily controlled and produce more predictable results, as the plants are stronger, more resilient, and more mature when placed outdoors. You can also enjoy the same benefits described above when starting seeds indoors. 

For the beginner or amateur gardening enthusiast, transplants are a valuable option.

How Your Garden Tower Helps

There are advantages to both growing from seeds and transplants in the Garden Tower 2. The system is flexible enough to excel with both.

First, the tower is suited well for transplants or seedlings. The individual pockets or growing sites are natural fits for transplants. There are 50 sites, so buy up to 50 transplants. It's very simple. The ability for each level to rotate also adds flexibility in providing the optimal sun exposure for each plant.

On the other hand, the Tower is a very effective system for growing direct from seed. Often times, the biggest risk to starting seeds outdoors is unexpected inclement weather.

  • Expecting a hard freeze a full two weeks after the last average frost? No problem! Just roll your tower indoors to a protected location and wait out the cold (with the optional caster wheel kit).
  • Is a Spring heatwave overwhelming for your baby seedlings with excessive sun? No sweat! Just rotate or move the tower to provide the optimal exposure for each plant.


The Garden Tower 2 is an exceptionally flexible gardening system that enables you to grow from seed or transplants. It's important to know your expected weather patterns and select the proper seeds for each approach.

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