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Best Indoor Garden Systems for Beginners

Technology has inundated every aspect of our lives over the last 30 years. Gardening is no exception.

In contrast to conventional wisdom, gardening does not have to be limited to vast open areas and sun-drenched outside yards. With the help of indoor garden systems, people can enjoy lush, fruitful and beautiful gardens inside their homes.

LED lights hover over an indoor garden

Indoor gardening is a great option for beginners and can be a delightful and painless process. There are a variety of high-tech options on the market to choose from, so choosing the right one can be a daunting task. 

With that in mind, we have come up with the list of the Best Indoor Garden Systems for Beginners that will help you make the right decision for you and your family.

But before diving into the list, let's take a look at why you should start an indoor garden.

Benefits of Indoor Gardening

Below are just a few of the benefits of indoor gardening that will give you the motivation to start this exciting growing journey.

Fresh, Organic Produce

The biggest advantage of having an indoor garden system is the constant harvesting of organic fresh produce. Nothing feels better than plucking your own herbs and veggies straight from your smart gardens year-round.

No pesticides. No chemicals. No problems. Just fresh, delicious produce.

Weather Control

The ultimate nemesis of outdoor gardening is the weather. Without the proper care and preparation, extended periods of drought or rain, high winds, extreme heat or cold can be detrimental to your garden.

With indoor smart gardens, you can avoid the extreme weather and enjoy a controlled environment in which to grow.

Extended Growing Season

With the controlled indoor environment, gardeners are no longer limited by weather, and thus the growing season can continue year-round. Winter cold doesn't have to mean importing your herbs and veggies from across the country.

Bug and Pest Protection

Pests, bugs, and even domestics pets can have a damaging impact on outdoor gardens. But with a smart indoor garden, many of which fit on your kitchen counter, you can significantly decrease or eliminate this issue.

Mice, raccoons, aphids, beetles... If they aren't in your home, they can't harm your garden. Talk about a stress relief!

Now that you are aware of the incredible benefits that an indoor garden can provide, let's check out the Best Indoor Garden Systems for Beginners.

Top 4 Indoor Garden Systems for Beginners

Aspara 16-Hole Smart Hydroponic Garden

Number one in our list is the popular Aspara 16-Hole Smart Hydroponic Garden. This indoor hydroponic garden offers a combination of LEDs to grow your plants to their maximum potential.

asapara smart garden on kitchen counter

Unlike other gardening kits out there, this one is easy to use. The automatic watering system and advanced smart sensors make this the perfect product for beginners who want a hassle-free gardening experience indoors.

The hydroponic growing method also eliminates the necessity of using any form of chemical and pesticides to protect your plants. As a result, you get to enjoy organic fresh produce within 30 days of planting. It also requires less water and allows your plant to grow up to 2 times quicker.

The advanced sensors take away calculation or guesswork from the equation and control the system to provide the perfect amount of water, root aeration, and nutrients.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

Next on our list is the Smart Garden 9 from Click and Grow. This soil-based smart gardening system offers an automatic water planter and built-in LED lights. 

If you are a beginner and do not want the hassle of using your own seeds, you can choose from the list of more than 65 pre-seeded plant pods.

Once inserted into the planter, you have to add water to the tank. Once fully added, it can provide enough water to the plants for almost a month.

Altifarm Self-Watering Tiered Garden

With Altifarm indoor garden systems, you can grow farm-fresh edibles no matter where you work or live! 

Altifarm 3-tiered indoor garden

The great thing about this tiered garden is that it requires little to no space in your home. You also get the freedom of growing anything from root vegetables, to herbs and fruits in this versatile system.

The recyclable HDPE tubes used in the smart garden prevent any form of corrosion over time. It has self-watering technology that uses almost 80% less water than traditional gardening. You only have to refill the tank once every week, and the indoor garden system will take care of the rest of the gardening duty by itself.

The AEVA Indoor Hydroponic Home Garden

If budget is not an issue, and you want the top-of-the-line indoor garden systems for yourself, then the AEVA Indoor Hydroponic Home Garden is just what you need. This product from Just Vertical is a modern hydroponic garden system that is big enough to feed your whole family. This product has the capability to produce up to 10 pounds of organic and fresh produce every month.

And the greatest thing is, you need to give it only 10 minutes of attention every week to keep the system running.

If you were not impressed with only the capability of growing 16 plants at once, it has much more to offer. The system is highly energy-efficient and utilizes less than $3 worth of electricity each month.

AEVA garden in living room

It also has a built-in time and LED lights to properly take care of your plants even when you are away. And the AEVA app that comes with it also notifies you of the updates from the garden.

If the AEVA is too big, check out its sister system, the EVE.

Bottom Line

If you enjoy eating healthy but lack the knowledge to start a garden yourself, then a smart garden is right for you. With the indoor garden systems described above, the complexity of gardening is out of the picture, allowing you to enjoy fresh, organic produce without the unneeded stress.

Thanks to technology, growing your own food has never been easier. And having a green thumb is no longer a requirement to do so.

If you need further assistance in determining which garden system is right for you, give our experts a call at (833) 777-6882. If you are looking to purchase a hydroponics system for the classroom or for educational purposes, please reach out to inquire about our educational discounts.