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Benefits of a Quality Car Storage Bag

Car covers are invaluable tools to help keep your car safe from damage and dust while storing them over long periods of time. Car storage bags have been popular accessories for many years, but not surprisingly, the demand has grown as collectors look to cover and protect their vintage and classic car purchases.

Car covers come in various shapes and sizes to fit your car. Some provide minimal protection from severe damage to your car, while others completely encapsulate the vehicle to provide maximum long-term protection.

classic car in storage bag

There are numerous benefits that come with getting a car cover for your vehicle. Let’s review some of the top reasons and benefits of getting a high-quality car cover.

Protection From Dings & Scratches

Scratches and abrasions on your vehicle are highly likely when your car is left exposed outside to the elements, whether it is parked outside in your driveway, or stored in a shared lot. Minor scratches are often caused by unavoidable outdoor factors, which can all be avoided with a quality car cover for your vehicle.

Your neighbor's cat or neighborhood raccoons could walk or sleep on the hood of your car. Children playing outside with balls or riding bikes might accidentally hit your car with their toys. Or bird droppings could land on your vintage paint job, slowly etching and corroding at your sparkling paint. These things can cause blemishes on the surface of your car, many of which can add up to devalue it significantly.

Getting a car cover can help prevent such issues, as it will cover the entire vehicle such that even if objects hit or strike your car, the car cover will protect its exterior from getting damaged. But it’s also essential to use a high-quality car cover, as some will be too light, thin, and easily torn. Such covers provide little protection against external damage.

Protection From Dust & Dirt

Another reason to invest in a cover is to protect your car from dust and dirt. This is more essential for people who park their cars outdoors in parking spaces or driveways, or in open air garages without proper air filtration. Without an appropriate car cover, dust and dirt will accumulate on your car over the days, weeks and months that it sits idle. (This even happens inside your home without periodic dusting and cleaning)

If you take pride in your car and want it to be clean and ready at your call, this is potentially a problem. Without a cover, each joyride or casual use will require a full body car wash to rid the surface of filth and restore the bright shine. This is an investment of time and money, adding significant work to what is often an enjoyable experience.

Sports car in storage in driveway

While this poses a cosmetic problem, it can also allow harmful bacteria to build up and thrive on the surface of the vehicle, exposing all parties to potential health risks with each contact or ride. Your car will become a literal petri dish.

In the long run, car covers are very time and cost-efficient, as you can save money on costly detailing services and car washes, many of which can run up to $100 per cleaning. You can also save significant amounts of water, making it the far more environmentally friendly storage option.

Protection From Environmental Damage

The most significant reason to protect your vehicle while storing it is the potential for environmental and weather related damage.

As cars sit idle in the elements, UV rays from the sun can slowly wreak havoc on your vehicle - inside and out. When vehicles are exposed to consistent and prolonged sunlight, the car’s exterior surface can reach temperatures near 200 degrees Fahrenheit, while the interior can heat up to a dangerous 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This can cause significant damage to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This potential damage is increased in warmer areas or locations that receive maximum sun exposure.

The dashboards and leather seats can breakdown in such conditions, causing peeling, dullness in color, and a significantly shorter lifespan. The exterior paint can also deteriorate, leaving it susceptible to rust, fading, and cracking. Restoring or re-painting a car is a significant investment that should be avoided.

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Other falling objects, such as leaves, acorns and pecans can cause significant and difficult to remove staining to the paint, requiring chemical or abrasive cleaning for complete removal. Add in the potential for high winds, hail and dust storms...This is far from ideal if you’re wanting to preserve the look of your car.


If you are looking for maximum protection for your valuable vehicle from all of the elements described above (as well as pests and rodents), then a car storage bag is hands down your best option. 

Storage bags completely enclose your vehicle, delivering significantly enhanced protection when compared to traditional car covers. These bags prevent exterior damage, block out unwanted moisture, and prevent bugs, rodents, and neighborhood pets from exploring or nesting in your vehicle.

closed car storage bag

And while fitting your car into a bag sounds tedious, it is actually anything but. These car storage bags can be laid out and driven onto, making the storage process simple and quick. As an additional bonus, these bags can be used to store a number of other valuables, like furniture, power equipment, and more.