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Aspara vs Aerogarden

Since you’ve arrived at our Apsara vs Aerogarden review, we’re guessing it’s for one of three reasons: you don’t have enough time to garden, you don’t have the space for gardening, or you kill everything your not-so-green thumb touches. 

Fear not! Hydroponic gardens like Aspara and Aerogarden will do all the work for you while you reap all the benefits. These indoor hydroponic garden systems allow you to grow fresh and healthy herbs and vegetables with a few clicks of a button.

Let’s review the features, pros, and cons of both hydroponic machines to see which one will work best for you. 

Short Answer: Aspara vs Aerogarden

When deciding between Aspara vs Aerogarden, it basically comes down to personal preferences. While the Aspara system is easy to use and reliable, the Aerogarden provides more bells and whistles on larger models.

Aerogarden systems come with at least four pod packs of your choosing. Aspara sells the pod packs separately.

Aspara’s pod pack choices are limited to herbs, mixed lettuce, and a few small vegetables like cherry tomatoes and radishes. Aerogarden offers additional plants including chili peppers, lavender, and jalapeño peppers.

Ultimately, Aspara is a wonderful hydroponic indoor garden for beginners looking to make gardening foolproof and easy. It has an easy setup and little maintenance.

Aerogarden, on the other hand, also has basic models great for beginners along with more complex layouts for those looking to do more serious indoor growing.

Aspara Hydroponic Grower

The Aspara Hydroponic Grower can be set up anywhere in your home, whether you want to display it in your kitchen, office, or dining area. It will provide you with reliable plant growth by utilizing smart technology that makes gardening a breeze.

Apsara utilizes seed kit capsules that you simply pop into the 16 slots, and within 30 days, you’re enjoying your favorite homegrown veggies and herbs. 


It doesn’t get much smarter than Aspara. This indoor system capitalizes on smart technology in multiple ways. First, the LED intelligent grow lights will automatically adjust based on what plants are in the system. You can also change them yourself as needed.

Next, the system automatically waters your plants with specialized ebb-and-flow technology. And the system delivers fresh air to your plants’ roots after watering to promote healthy growth.

Finally, the machine comes with smart sensors to monitor air temperature, water temperature, humidity, nutrient concentration, and water levels. All you have to do is refill the water basin as needed. 


Aspara Hydroponics



The Aspara Smart Hydroponic Garden makes indoor gardening foolproof. Here are the most significant advantages of having one of these systems in your home:

  • 78 LED grow lights blend red, blue, and white hues
  • Various smart sensors monitor all aspects of plant growth
  • No need to use harmful pesticides or chemicals
  • Uses less water than traditional gardening
  • Plants grow up to 50% faster
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

On top of all of that, the Aspara indoor garden doesn’t take up too much space, with its dimensions being only 21 inches x 13.1 inches x 14.4 inches. 


While this system is designed with convenience in mind, there are two slight disadvantages worth pointing out:

  • Initial setup with the app can be tricky
  • Seed kits are sold separately 

Even with these minor issues, this system is dependable and super easy to use. 

Aspara Hydroponic Garden
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Aerogarden Indoor Garden

Aerogarden Farm24

Another excellent option for an indoor garden is a system from Aerogarden. The Aerogarden indoor garden has different model sizes ranging from three grow sites to 24 grow sites.

The smart technology control panel keeps track of everything for you and sends you reminders when the plants need certain types of assistance.


This indoor home gardening system comes with a guidebook to help you set it up and give you details on operating it. The setup is quick and straightforward. The LED light system is automated, so you can set it and forget it. 

There is also an air pump system to ensure your plants’ roots access the fresh oxygen they need. This air pump also helps mist the roots with water and allows them to capture more nutrients.

The most valuable feature of Aerogarden’s systems is their control panels. This easy-to-use panel tells you when more water is needed in the reservoir, what the light settings are and if you want to change them, and when plants will need more nutrients.

It also acts as a clock and provides you with gardening tips and tricks. 


Some of the benefits of an Aerogarden indoor garden system include:

  • Includes starter grow pods
  • Large variety of grow pods from Asian herbs to lavender to salad greens
  • Guaranteed fives times growth compared to outdoors
  • Control panel is touchscreen and user friendly
  • All Aerogarden pods are GMO-free

Depending on the model you choose, you can also have wifi connectivity.


Much like other systems, Aerogarden’s hydroponic gardens have potential drawbacks, such as:

  • Smaller models have audible air pumps
  • Larger models take up a fair amount of space

Thankfully, with multiple model options available, you can find one that suits your ideal needs.

Does AeroGarden Need Sunlight?

Aerogarden Hydroponic Garden


The straightforward answer here is no, Aerogarden systems do not need any sunlight to grow beautiful, healthy plants indoors. Each system comes with its own set of LED lights in red, blue, and white hues that produce the best type of light plants need. 

Once you tell the system which pods you’ve inserted, it will automatically set the lighting color and time to benefit that plant type. You don’t have to worry about turning the lights on or off as the control panel will do that automatically.

It is important to give your plants at least two inches of clearance from the light panel. If the plants are too close to the lights, it could cause the leaves to turn yellow or brown due to overexposure.

That is also why you shouldn’t set up your Aerogarden in a sunny spot—it will over light your plants and inhibit proper growth. 

What is the Best Indoor Garden?

The best indoor garden is one that allows you to simply set it up and then watch your plants grow with ease. The more smart technology the garden utilizes, the more likely your plants will germinate and produce results quickly.

Any indoor garden will regulate your plants’ environment, including oxygen levels, water temperature and distribution, and light exposure. The system should be automatically adjustable based on the plants you are currently growing, and it should be easy to clean before the next round of planting.

The Aspara and Aerogarden varieties of indoor gardens both deliver when it comes to usability and reliability. They fulfill the expectations explained above, and you can count on them to give you the plants and herbs you desire in around a month. 

Final Thoughts

Hydroponic systems like the Aspara and Aerogarden are a convenient, simple way to have an indoor garden year-round. Whether you don’t have much time or space to garden or just want something foolproof that will give you ideal results—you can’t go wrong with Aspara or Aerogarden. 

Growing fresh plants indoors not only gives your home more clean air and aesthetic beauty, but it also gives you a chance to enhance your meals and eat healthier.

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