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5 Best Greenhouses for High Winds (2022)

Whether building or selecting a greenhouse kit, it is important to consider a few key environmental factors. 

Greenhouses are incredibly useful for those seeking to extend their growing season and grow fresh and healthy food. That is especially true in areas where the climate is extreme and unforgiving, making outdoor growing particularly challenging. 

Whether building or selecting a greenhouse kit, it is important to consider a few key environmental factors. Greenhouses can be susceptible to high winds, inclement weather, and heavy snow, which could result in damage to your greenhouse, and even the loss of plants inside.

If high winds are an issue in your area of the country, read on to learn which greenhouses are best equipped to survive and thrive in your area.

Top Greenhouses For High Winds

1. Riga IIIs Greenhouse (EDITOR'S CHOICE)

Solid, durable, and made with the highest quality materials, the Riga is an excellent greenhouse for high winds.

The Riga features 8 MM UV coated twin wall polycarbonate over the main body, with 10 mm walls in the front and back for added strength and stability. Additionally, the frame profiles are permanently attached to each other, eliminating the possibility of coming lose over time due to high winds.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the onion-shaped design minimizes the impact of wind and snow. This greenhouse has a reinforced glazing system that’s designed to absorb high winds (120mph) and heavy snow loads (up to 154 lbs/sq ft).

Depending on your installation surface, the optional foundation kit can be added to further reinforce the structure, ensuring your Riga will be around for years to come.

Product Features:

  • Extremely heavy duty construction
  • First-class insulation: R or K-value 3.0
  • 10 MM twin wall polycarbonate in front & back walls for extra strength
  • Wind tolerance: 120 mph with 3-second gusts 
  • Snow capacity: 30 PSF ground snow load
  • Inside walking height: 6’1” near shelves, 6’11” in the middle

Riga Greenhouse

2. Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse

If you have trouble with strong wind, the Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse might be just what you need. The glazing uses a thick, durable and extremely strong Solexx paneling that can withstand a wind load of 70 mph or greater. These panels also let it absorb more sunlight than glass or polycarbonate greenhouses, which means that your plants will do better inside this greenhouse.

The frame is made out of heavy-duty 2” x 3” steel, which provides plenty of support for the glazing while keeping the structure rigid in high winds. This greenhouse will be able to withstand even hurricane force winds if you secure it properly with ground anchors and tie downs.

What's Includes:

  • Heavy-duty composite frame - rust, corrosion and mildew free
  • Twin-wall 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse panels (upgrade to 5mm panels for high altitude or heavy snow areas)
  • New stronger and lockable door
  • 2 double-tiered bench frames, full length, 29" deep, hold 500 lbs (optional shelving available)
  • 2 full-length hanging rods, holds 200 lbs
  • Sturdy, built-in base, requires no foundation
  • Large Easy Flow Louver air vent (optional solar powered opener)
  • Easy-to-assemble steel fittings

Solexx Grand Master Greenhouse

3. Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI Greenhouse

The Exaco Royal VI Victorian is a good option for those who have the land to build a permanent greenhouse. It's large, sturdy, and built to hold up in strong winds. The tempered glass panels resist shattering, and the aluminum frame provides additional stability.

Why Choose a Victorian Greenhouse?

  • X-Strong polycarbonate panels feature beveled edges with U-shaped metal end caps for increased durability.
  • Aluminum Profiles are larger, thicker, stronger than those of any competitor in this price range
  • Uses 4mm tempered glass while other use only 3 mm glass
  • Wind load of 115mph or greater depends on the model.
  • Windows are held in place by substantial rubber seals, which provide better insulation - others only use metal clips
  • 6" high foundation frame included - others usually cost extra
  • 1 or 2 Spindle Roof Window Openers (great in windy conditions), and automatic window openers on other roof windows
  • Includes a misting system 
  • Shoulder (with large gutter) 6'7" high 
  • One sliding door - can be put in any vertical glass location 

Exaco Janssen Victorian

The only real drawback is the price—it's more than twice as much as an average greenhouse—but that's to be expected given its size and durability.

4. Riverstone MONT Greenhouse

If you're looking for a greenhouse that will withstand high winds, the Riverstone MONT Greenhouse is an excellent choice. With a wind load of 65 mph, this greenhouse is a structure that is built to last.

Assembling this greenhouse is easy and fast. You can assemble it in a day with an assistant. The greenhouse comes with all the parts you need to build it from scratch. It’s also easy to upgrade or modify your greenhouse if you decide to shift its location later on.

Highlights of Riverstone MONT 
  • Quality Constructed from the highest quality extruded aluminum, MONT greenhouse use on average 40 lbs. more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse. This improves stability during heavy snow and high wind periods.
  • Professional Grade Walls: The MONT uses professional grade, high impact and UV stable 8 mm twin wall polycarbonate - the same thickness as commercial greenhouses. The twin wall polycarbonate acts as a double pain window, retaining cooler air during warm months, and insulating the greenhouse during wintertime.
  • Efficient & Longer Growth: Insulated walls allow for an extended growing season, while also improving the growing efficiency and cutting down on electrical costs.
  • Comfortable Head Room: With a peak height of 7'6", the design helps with displacing heat within the greenhouse, while also allowing the tallest gardeners to walk freely and comfortably inside

MONT Greenhouse

5. Lumen & Forge 13ft Geodesic Dome

The Lumen & Forge Geodesic Dome can accommodate high winds due to its unusual shape and design. This design is used in everything from domed stadiums to spacecraft, and when it comes to gardening...well, it doesn't get much more durable than that.

The Lumen & Forge 13ft Geodesic Dome also has an excellent ventilation system, so you can control the airflow without having to worry about heavy winds blowing the door off its hinges or scattering your plants everywhere.

Product Specification:
  • Efficient dome design: creates uniform airflow and stable temperature levels while maximizing light distribution
  • Very sturdy structure: withstands wind, snow and evenly distributes weight
  • Frame material: Powder-coated steel frame
  • Interior lighting or decor of your choice can be attached directly to frame
  • Cover material & thickness: 30 mil (0.03in) waterproof, flame-certified vinyl cover
  • Vents: 2x velcro side vents with optional bug screen
  • Wind tolerance: 60mph
  • Snow load capacity: 7 lbs/sq. ft.
  • Peak height (interior/exterior): 9ft 7in

Lumen & Forge Greenhouse

This dome is a great choice if you need to maximize the growing space in your backyard. At 13 feet across, it will fit into most yards without taking up too much space—and you can use every inch of that space. For example, you can set up shelving inside the dome to maximize your growing capacity while still being able to move around easily.

Final Conclusion

Finding the best greenhouse for high winds will help you protect your plants while also keeping them warm and comfortable. You'll want a unit that's designed to keep the cold wind out and the warm air in, no matter the conditions outside. With careful planning, you can protect your plants from high winds and ensure that they'll be healthy and growing throughout the year.

Feel free to browse our Catalog or give our experts a call at (833) 777-6882 so that we can identify the perfect option for your specific needs. Not sure what you need? Try our GREENHOUSE Finder to help you find the Perfect Greenhouse!

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