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Smart Gardens

Smart Gardens

At SproutRite, we sell a wide variety of gardening systems and solutions for the hobby and home grower. If you're looking for a system that requires minimal maintenance and removes the stress from gardening, smart gardens are a great option to consider!

Smart gardens operate inside the comforts of your home, not outside in the elements. These systems can be placed in your kitchen, conveniently on the countertop, in your living room or study, or even in a workplace setting. And while each system is different, all occupy a minimal footprint when compared to traditional gardening, which scales out horizontally.

Most come equipped with LED lights running on a timer, providing the optimal amount of sunlight to help your plants thrive. And watering is not done daily. Instead, a reservoir can be filled, usually once per week, and the system continually waters the plants as needed. No under or overwatering!

If you're traveling or just too busy for maintenance, these gardens are a great option. Also, if you are a new gardener that doesn't have a naturally "green thumb", you need not worry!

By carrying the best brands in the industry such as Just Vertical and Asparawe're able to serve our customers on a higher level by providing the indoor garden that is suited to your needs. 

Feel free to browse our catalog below or give our experts a call at (833) 777-6882 so that we can identify the perfect option for your specific needs. We've also created guides to help you through the shopping process:

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