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Hungry Bin Portable Worm Composting System

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The Hungry Bin is a clean, simple and easy way to reduce your organic waste and create nutrient rich fertilizer using compost worms!

This vermicomposting bin is designed to create an ideal living environment for compost worms, allowing the worms to convert organic waste into worm castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, which are both high-quality fertilizers!

The Hungry Bin is a continuous flow-through worm composter, eliminating the need to frequently turn or stir the contents of the bin.

Why the Hungry Bin?

Large Capacity

The Hungry Bin can process up to 4 pounds of organic waste per day, providing plenty of space for your family's kitchen waste and excess scraps! This high efficiency system is made from food safe & BPA-free polypropylene and will help significantly reduce your trash output.

Ultimate Mobility

With a unique two-wheeled design, the Hungry Bin can be wheeled around your yard or into the garage without unneeded lifting or emptying. Most composters become dead weight once filled to the brim.

Ideal Fertilizer

The Hungry Bin captures both the worm castings and nutrient-rich worm leachate liquid, providing abundant amounts of fertilizer to feed your indoor or outdoor garden! Worm castings are full of organic matter, helping to feed the soil microorganisms, while also improving the overall soil structure.

Get Started Quickly

Neatly packed in an easy to carry box, the Hungry Bin is simple and quick to put together. Assembly instructions and a comprehensive instruction manual are included with your bin.

Versatile Use

The Hungry Bin can help reduce waste in any environment, including in your home, restaurant, school or commercial environment! For a commercial quote, please submit an inquiry here.

How It Works

Organic waste is placed directly onto the top layer of the bin, where worms eat it as it softens and begins to decompose. The compost worms used in the bin are a different species from earthworms. Compost worms are surface feeders and prefer to live in organic material or mulch. They do not burrow into the soil like earthworms.

As the compost worms eat the waste, they convert it into worm castings. The castings are pushed down through the bin and compressed by the weight of fresh castings above. The compressed castings are retained in the lower part of the bin, where they can be simply and easily removed when needed for use as plant food or soil conditioner. In normal operation, the castings will need to be removed from the bin once every two to six months.

What Food to Add to the Hungry Bin

Liquid drains down through the bin, passes through a filter housed in the floor, and ultimately collects in a drip tray. This liquid is an ideal fertilizer. It is best to dilute the liquid with water before feeding it to plants, as it is very concentrated. A good dilution ratio is 1 part worm liquid to 10 parts water. 

Additional Information

Browse the following for more information about the Hungry Bin system!

How long does shipping take?

After your order is placed, Hungry Bins ship NEXT BUSINESS DAY from California. Transit times vary based on your location.

What are compost worms?

Compost worms are different from common garden worms that live in soil. Unlike earthworms, compost worms do not make burrows in the soil, but live in the surface layer (the top 12"). They have evolved to eat rotting plant matter on the forest floor, and are perfectly suited to break down organic waste. Compost worms are generally smaller than earthworms.

The most frequently used compost worms are a dual species of Red Wiggler Worms (Eisenia fetida) and European Red Worms (Eisenia hortensis).

More Info: Worms Trying to Escape Hungry Bin

Are worms included with the Bin? How many are needed to get started?

No, worms are not included with the Hungry Bin.

To get started, we recommend approximately 2000 adult worms be added to the bin. However, the more worms you start with, the faster the bin will reach maximum capacity. A full population is approximately 12,000 worms, or 3kg (6.5lb) of adult worms. It takes about six to eight months to breed a full population from a small starting population.

More Info: Best Worms for the Hungry Bin

Does temperature impact my composter?

For our customers in cold weather environments, it is recommended that the Hungry Bin be located indoors during the winter months in a mild, protected location such as an enclosed garage, basement or insulated shed.

In summer months, maximize productivity by choosing a sheltered, shady spot – the ideal temperature is between 60-80 °F. Avoid extremes of temperature, particularly full sun in summer, as temperatures over 95 °may kill the worms. You can wheel your bin between different locations depending on the weather conditions or season. If the bin is outdoors in winter, make sure it is not subjected to freezing conditions for extended periods of time.

Do I need to add water?

Generally, you should not need to add water. Food scraps have a high water content, which helps keep the bin moist. The design lets excess water drain from the bin, but ensures enough moisture is retained to maintain optimal conditions.

The worms do need to be moist though, so if the bin dries out, sprinkle a little water on the top of the bin. If you have added dry matter like shredded paper, you may also need to add water. Take care not to drown the worms; the top should only be as wet as a wrung-out sponge.

How much liquid can my bin produce?

The bin will produce about one pint of liquid per day when it has a full worm population and is fed regularly. It is important that the liquid is free to drain from the bin at all times.

If liquid from your bin is not collecting in the drip tray, it may be too dry.

The level inside has dropped. What do I do?

Just add some soil or finished compost each time you feed the Hungry Bin.

What are the dimensions of the Hungry Bin?

When assembled, the Hungry Bin is 24" x 26" x 37" (high) and weighs 28 pounds

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Customer Reviews

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Takanori Ohkubo

Hungry Bin Portable Worm Composting System

Shirley Fung
Happy Customer

I would definitely buy from SproutRite again. They earned my business because they put people first. Bin arrived promptly and looks beautiful. Can't wait to get started.

Perfect Gift!

Bought this for my dad, who is an avid gardener. He is very excited to get started, as he has never used a vermicomposting system before. Arrived quickly after ordering and just in time for Christmas.

Glad to hear the gift was a hit!

Douglas Crabtree
I filled it with compost leaves cardboard clippings paper clippings and I will be ordering worms ...

I will let you know in a few weeks how things are going.

Stanton Woods
Kids Love It

If your kids love worms as much as mine, this bin will be a hit with your family! Bin was easily assembled, soil and worms are in place, and we've started throwing food scraps in! The worms appear to be loving our trash :-)

One man's trash is another man's (or worm's) treasure :-)

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