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The Benefits of Indoor Gardening

The Benefits of Indoor Gardening

The soil, the seeds, the gardening tools and sunshine. When you think of gardening, you envision the great outdoors and the elements. But for those who have limited access to outdoor space (or zero space at all), gardening is still a viable option.

A new trend is emerging to make gardening more accessible and successful for a different breed of gardener – the indoor gardener.

Whether hydroponics or indoor soil gardening systems, several companies have created innovative ways to bring all the benefits of gardening inside your living space. While the purist might object, it opens up possibilities and access that otherwise didn’t exist.

While a foreign concept to some, there are numerous benefits to gardening indoors. Here are some of the top benefits:

A Controlled Environment

Weather. Bugs. Animals. Each of these environmental factors plays a role in the success of your garden. A late freeze can be devastating, as can an infestation of aphids and snails. And for those located in dry, hot climates, the summer months can derail your garden.

An indoor garden allows for precise control of the temperature, watering levels, and sunlight, while keeping the pests and large animals out.

Ease of Maintenance

Weeds do not exist in a controlled environment, nor do bugs and pests, allowing gardeners to focus more on the plants themselves – and less on protecting them. Significant water savings are also a consideration for indoor plants.

Leave your garden boots in the closet.


Need some basil for your pesto? How about some fresh kale to finish off your smoothie? Indoor gardens literally place these fresh items at your fingertips.

No longer is the long walk to the garden (or drive to the store) necessary. Pluck it from your living room, kitchen or bedroom garden, and voila -- fresh produce!

Year-Round Growth

Seasons no longer dictate when you can grow your favorite items. The weather is no longer a factor. Sub-freezing temperatures stay outside, while your sprouting greens remain protected behind closed doors.

Fresh herbs in winter time? The possibilities are endless.


Your living room or kitchen can now become a classroom. Indoor solutions provide an up-close look at the growth process, from seed to sprout to harvest.

Gardens are an excellent resource for childhood education, promoting healthy eating, teaching kids to care and nurture, and building an understanding and respect for nature.


Indoor gardens bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home or office! Some systems provide a modern look, while others maintain the rustic look of the outdoors. There are plenty of gardening options to choose from to fit your specific taste.


Over 20% of Americans live in apartments or have no access to a private yard. With an indoor garden, they can still enjoy the benefits of growing herbs and vegetables.

Significantly less space is required, allowing you to grow plants in higher density and in more creative locations.


Growth Performance

Hydroponically grown plants grow 20-30% faster than those grown in soil! This increases your harvest, while also quickening the feedback loop on perfecting your techniques.

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