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Grobo Solid vs Premium: What's the Difference?

Grobo Solid vs Premium: What's the Difference?

The Grobo is an all-in-one grow box designed to make growing easy and remove all complications and stress from the growing process. This system is known for producing high quality plants, with high yields, all while allowing user to track progress on a convenient app.

But there are two models, which often causes confusion among potential buyers: Solid and Premium.

Grobo Solid vs Premium

The difference between the Grobo Solid and Premium units comes down to one item: the door.

The Premium unit features a fluid glass window on the door that allows growers to frost it over, or make it transparent to view your plant inside. This is controlled via a button on the Grobo, or via the mobile app.

With the fluid glass, you do not have to open the door to show off or view your grow. This allows you to keep the smells contained, and the bugs out! A cool feature if you are trying to impress friends!

The Solid system is the more affordable system and is designed for stealth operation. The metal door is opaque, preventing light from leaving the unit. This is a great option if you are sleeping near the system, or do not want light emanating from the unit. Think discreet.

There is ZERO difference in the performance of these units. Both produce high quality yields without the headaches.

Whether you're in the mood to sit back and watch, or want to be more hands on with your grow, at SproutRite, we have a variety of complete grow systems and kits to fit your unique needs.

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