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Garden Tower 2 Reviews

Garden Tower 2 Reviews

The Garden Tower 2 is a popular vertical container garden with a minimal footprint that is capable of growing up to 50 plants. It has become extremely popular with beginners and gardening enthusiasts, but what do users really think of it? And is it right for you?

In this post, we will survey the internet and dive into the pros and cons of this popular and modular system.

Tower Highlights

Garden Tower 2 diagram

Before we jump into the top reviews, let's reflect on why the Garden Tower 2 is so popular:

  • Allows home gardeners to Grow 50 Plants & Vegetables in Four Sq. Feet
  • Doubles as a Compost & Garden for Nutrient Rich Gardening
  • Minimal Upkeep & No Weeding Required
  • Levels Rotate for Easy Accessibility
  • Caster Wheels Make Tower Portable

The National Gardening Association Review

The NGA is an organization that promotes gardening by helping home gardeners succeed and grow in health, knowledge, environmental awareness, and enthusiasm. As part of their efforts, they provided a thorough breakdown of the Garden Tower 2.

"This is quite possibly one of the coolest things I have seen in my life."

  • The worm bin and composting aspect
  • Ability to rotate each level
  • Capturing of water and nutrients for reuse
  • Impressed by overall quality of materials and product
  • Not ideal for vining plants, which drag on ground if rotated.
  • Watering from the top is not sufficient for every plant.

"If I was a city dweller and didn't have acreage of land to grow, I would absolutely buy this."

Backyard Boss Review

The Backyard Boss does not shy away from his admiration for vertical gardening and its benefits.

 "Regardless of where you live – in the city, suburbs, or somewhere in between, a vertical gardening tower makes it possible for you to have fresh fruits and vegetables that you grow yourself."

- Backyard Boss

  • Individual levels rotate easily
  • Made of high-quality, food-grade plastic
  • Includes 50 compartments for plants
  • Collects vermicompost, nutrient tea at the bottom
  • May break easily
  • Hard to move when full

It's worth noting that the two drawbacks identified here can be solved by adding the caster wheel kit, which allows for increased portability.

"The tower can weigh about 200 pounds when full, so it’s difficult to move at that point."

A Nest with a Yard Review

The versatility of the Garden Tower 2 does not go unnoticed by this gardening enthusiast. 

"Any vertical gardening system makes efficient use of a small space, but the Garden Tower 2 is by far the best at growing organic food. Not only can it grow 50 plants in 4 square feet -- it has a composting core, you can turn it with one hand, and its plastic is food-grade."

- Nest with a Yard

  • Composting core turns food scraps into fertilizer
  • Insulated design conserves moisture and extends growing season
  • Turns easily
  • Plastic is durable and non-toxic
  • Plants have to be small enough to fit in the tower’s pockets
  • Bad option for vining plants

Grow Green Food Review

This site gives the Garden Tower 2 a 9.0/10 rating, noting the considerable improvement upon its predecessor.

"The Garden Tower Project have made a great job of improving on their first product...We stand by our own 9.0/10 rating."

- Grow Green Food

  • No Digging Or Weeding
  • Minimal and Easy Maintenance: requires little to no bending
  • Suitable for Tiny Spaces
  • Incredible New Features
  • None!

Overall Reviews

On the whole, the Garden Tower 2 has been very well received by amateur gardeners and professionals alike. Each of the features touted by the Garden Tower Project are largely confirmed and applauded by general audiences.

Have questions or comments? Added them in the comments below. Happy Gardening!

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