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  • Garden Tower 2 Reviews

    Garden Tower 2 Reviews

    The Garden Tower 2 is a popular vertical container garden with a minimal footprint that is capable of growing up to 50 plants. It has become extremely popular with beginners and gardening enthusiasts, but what do users really think of...

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  • How To Clone Tomato Plants

    How To Clone Tomato Plants

    The juicy flesh, luscious flavor, plum shape, and bright red color. Wondering what we are talking about? Tomatoes – everyone’s favorite super-food used in an array of dishes. People around the globe think growing tomatoes is a tedious job that...

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  • What Is Hydroponics?

    What Is Hydroponics?

    Interested in hydroponics, but you have no idea what it is? Let us help... Hydroponics is a dirt-free method of growing that can save space and reduce overall water usage, while significantly improving yield compared to traditional soil-based outdoor gardens....

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