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Kale Yes! Harvesting Kale from The AEVA

Kale Yes! Harvesting Kale from The AEVA

We've hit the 8-week mark since transplanting our young seedlings into our AEVA Hydroponic Gardening System. Now, it's time to harvest the kale!

Why are we excited about kale? Kale is rich in fiber and antioxidants, and also provides a delicious addition to any salad or smoothie. We are also super excited to bake some crispy kale chips for the kids to enjoy.

Watch below as we show off the progress in our garden.

Continuous Harvesting

While we've waited to ultimately harvest the kale, the same cannot be said for the arugula, lettuce, and basil. For each of these three, we have been slowly and constantly harvesting what's needed for our pizzas, pastas, and lunchtime sandwiches.

This is one of the ultimate benefits of having a garden next to your kitchen. There is always fresh produce when you need it!

Root Trimming

One of the suggested monthly maintenance items for the AEVA is checking for root growth into the drain pipe. This is something we have observed, and have promptly dealt with. In one case, the roots had grown down through the drain pipe and into the reservoir, coming dangerously close to the water pump. The last thing we want is a broken pump!

The solution -- simple. We pulled the lower two plants out of position and trimmed back the roots. We are keeping a weekly eye on this for now.

We will be documenting the journey here in our Growing With AEVA blog, as well as on Instagram and Facebook with hashtag #GrowingWithAEVA.

Let's get growing!

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