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AEVA Growing Progress: 2 Week Update

AEVA Growing Progress: 2 Week Update

We are nearly a month into our growing journey with our AEVA, having started our plants from seed just over four weeks ago. Two weeks back, we transplanted our young arugula, kale, lettuce and basil into the AEVA, letting the automated system start to do its magic.

Let's evaluate the progress the plants have made thus far, and discuss a potential issue that needs resolving to keep our plants healthy and happy.

Plant Growth Progress

When our plants were transplanted into the AEVA, they each measured under 2" in length. The lettuce in particular was stubby, hardly reaching the half-inch mark before transplanting. In just two weeks, things have changed dramatically. On average, the plants are now each much larger:
  • Arugula: 2.5-3"
  • Basil: 2.5"
  • Kale: 3"
  • Lettuce: 4-5"
lettuce in the AEVA

Each of the plants looks healthy, with no discoloration or browning observed. The only concern is that some of the plants, the lettuce must notably, is drooping and growing downward rather than growing outward.

The Just Vertical team assured us that supporting growing stakes are not necessary for these plants. As the plants grow and the stem strengthens, the plants should grow more outward, not downward.

We will keep an eye on this.

A Touch of Mold

We have been noticing a bit of a white substance on the surface of the peat moss plugs recently. As we researched this, there are two potential sources of this discoloration -- excess salt build-up, or mold.

Excess salt is the result of too many nutrients reaching the plant. This typically creates a harder substance, which is not what we observed. Mold can result from "dirt getting onto the peat moss plugs of your unit," according to Just Vertical. It will appear white and fuzzy. BINGO. That's what we are dealing with here.

mold on the peat moss plug

The solution is to simply spray the surface with a water/hydrogen peroxide mixture (20:1). We will watch closely to make sure this has the desired impact.

Other Maintenance

There are weekly and monthly maintenance tasks required to sustain your AEVA. This week, we spent under 5 minutes doing the following:

  1. Adding nutrients, 10 mL each of Vega A & B.
  2. Refilling the water reservoir, though it was not needed yet.
  3. Inspecting for salt buildup inside of the reservoir, of which there was none.

Overall, we are making steady progress in our journey to grow organic, pesticide -free produce inside our home.

We will be documenting the journey here in our Growing With AEVA blog, as well as on Instagram and Facebook with hashtag #GrowingWithAEVA.

Let's get growing!

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