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Growing With AEVA

  • Germination Take 2

    Germination Take 2

    Our first attempt at germination went well—mostly! The kale, lettuce and basil all sprouted and grew exceptionally well in our Just Vertical seedling kit. But the arugula—not so much.
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  • The Path to Germination

    The Path to Germination

    The AEVA has arrived, and it would be great if we could start growing full-size plants in our new hydroponic garden immediately! Alas, there is an extra step before we can turn the growing process over to our automated AEVA....

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  • The AEVA Has Arrived

    The AEVA Has Arrived

    The day has come! The AEVA from Just Vertical was delivered this week, allowing us to get started on our growing journey. Our goal is to provide you, the consumer, an inside look into the process of growing with this...

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